Charlie Rich

Charlie Rich: Lonely Weekends

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Artist: Charlie Rich

Artist: Charlie Rich
Title: Lonely Weekends

EU-only collection from the Rock/Country pioneer. The legendary Charlie Rich was a true artist; an excellent singer, songwriter and piano player, as well as a master of several styles. This quintessential collector's edition contains 30 re-mastered studio tracks from his early years, consisting of a variety of the sensational recordings he made for Sun Records' subsidiary label Phillips International, between 1958 and 1962. You can hear a little bit of Elvis Presley in his Rockabilly sound on hits like 'Lonely Weekends', 'Break Up', 'Whirlwind' and 'Everything I Do Is Wrong'. However, great songs like 'Midnite Blues' and 'C.C. Rider', as well as lesser-known numbers such as 'Finally Found Out' and 'Easy Money', really show off his ability to play and sing Rhythm & Blues. Some of the material here isn't available on other collections, nor have these seminal recordings ever been previously compiled on the same CD. Although Charlie Rich eventually went on to greater commercial success with other labels, his Sun Studio recordings represent him at his finest and are the ones he deserves to be best remembered for.

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