Charlie Robison: Step Right Up

Charlie Robison: Step Right Up
Title: Step Right Up
Label: Sony

Charlie Robison's follow-up to his surprise hit debut Life of The Party confirms several things: he and his brother Bruce are great story telling songwriters in the tradition of John Prine and Steve Earle; the previous album was no fluke; and his music is about as far removed from the Nashville norm at the dawn of the 21st century as it's possible to be and still be legally considered a country artist (the steel guitar on the stone country "The Wedding Song" notwithstanding). This product is an authorized manufactured on demand CD-R

1.1 Right Man for the Job
1.2 The Preacher
1.3 I Want You Bad
1.4 Desperate Times
1.5 The Wedding Song
1.6 Sweet Inspiration
1.7 John O'Reilly
1.8 Tonight
1.9 One in a Million
1.10 Comes to Me Naturally
1.11 Rain
1.12 Life of the Party

Charlie Robison: Step Right Up

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