Chastain: We Bleed Metal (2017)

Chastain: We Bleed Metal (2017)
Title: We Bleed Metal (2017)
Label: Pure Steel

2017 release. Chastain's We Bleed Metal 17 has the same drums and vocals as the original We Bleed Metal but it has 100% new and completely different music. A totally different sound and feel from the original version. Also We Bleed Metal 17 has a very live sound near to a real live concert. Returning vocalist Leather Leone adds: "This is my favorite Chastain release since Mystery of Illusion!"

1.1 I Live for Today
1.2 Against All the Odds
1.3 All Hail
1.4 Secrets Creeping
1.5 Last Ones
1.6 We Bleed Metal 17
1.7 Warrior
1.8 Bid Your Farewells
1.9 Search Time

Chastain: We Bleed Metal (2017)

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