Chathunni Panicker

Chathunni Panicker: India Today

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Artist: Chathunni Panicker
Title: India Today

Mrinalini Sarabhai (born 1918) is a highly celebrated classical dancer of India. She is the founding director of the Darpana Academy of Performing Arts. Chathunni Panicker (1922 - 2009) was a very well respected India theater actor. This classic, historic audiophile recording from 1959 features musicians from the Darpana Academy and is finally available in the digital domain. Newly re-mastered.

1.1 Krishna Lila
1.2 Tillana
1.3 Ras
1.4 Sri Guru
1.5 Percussion
1.6 Pahiman Sri
1.7 Gita Govinda
1.8 Adventures of Yasovarma

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