Cheatahs: Mythologies

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Cheatahs

Title: Mythologies
Label: Wichita Records

Between their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album and incendiary live shows, Cheatahs proved themselves to be one of the most exciting leftfield guitar bands to come out of the UK in recent years. The London-based band demonstrates their devotion to experimentation even further across their new album Mythologies, leaving behind their debut's hazy, nostalgic world for an ambitious Technicolor universe in which motorik rhythms, garage and ambient punk flow seamlessly into one another.

1.1 Red Lakes (Sternstunden)
1.2 Channel View
1.3 In Flux
1.4 Freak Waves
1.5 Signs to Lorelei
1.6 Hey, Sen
1.7 Deli Rome
1.8 Colorado
1.9 Su-Pra
1.10 Seven Sisters
1.11 Murasaki
1.12 Mysteci
1.13 Reverie Bravo

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