Chet Baker

Chet Baker: Chet Is Back

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Artist: Chet Baker

Artist: Chet Baker
Title: Chet Is Back
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited import reissue of 1962 album. Direct Metal Mastering. Originally released in 1962, "Chet Is Back!" really was a celebration of his release from the hoosegow, the clink, the slammer... jail. It turns out that the Italians didn't take kindly to his heroin addiction while he was living in their country. There's an emotive escapist vibe on the record as a result of his time behind bars. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" is particularly touching. His all European backing band is most noted for Bobby Jaspar on the tenor sax. A nice blend of cool and bop, other great recordings include "Pent-Up House" and "Well, You Needn't." Wax Time.

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