Chevelle: Vena Sera

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Artist: Chevelle

Artist: Chevelle
Title: Vena Sera

VENA SERA is Chevelle's catchiest, heaviest, most dynamic and most expressive album to date. Filled with a array of sonic and tempos, colored by personal, passionate lyrics, the songs are both a declaration of contempt for the mainstream and a celebration of a counterculture driven by crashing beats and blasting power chords. The first single "Well Enough Alone" starts with chugging guitars and a prolonged howl, and segues in a bipolar blend of angst and euphoria.

1.1 Antisaint
1.2 Brainiac
1.3 Saferwaters
1.4 Well Enough Alone
1.5 Straight Jacket Fashion
1.6 The Fad
1.7 Humanoid
1.8 Paint the Seconds
1.9 Midnight to Midnight
1.10 I Get It
1.11 Saturdays

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