Chicago: Chicago II (Steven Wilson Remix)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Chicago

Title: Chicago II (Steven Wilson Remix)
Label: Rhino

Digitally remixed - by Steven Wilson - and remastered version of this 1970 release. For the first time, a stereo remix from the 16-track multi-track tapes made it possible for Steven Wilson to bring out elements that were muffled or submerged in the mix. The result is a new stereo version of Chicago II that boasts clearness, punch and definition that it didn't have before. Chicago II yielded some of the group's most enduring hits, which came from Pankow's suite "Ballet For A Girl In Buchannon," emulating the form of the great classical composers from a pop perspective. The album peaked at #4 on the Billboard charts. With the success of Chicago II, radio went back and discovered hits on the earlier Chicago Transit Authority album.

1.1 Movin' in (Steven Wilson Remix)
1.2 The Road (Steven Wilson Remix)
1.3 Poem for the People (Steven Wilson Remix)
1.4 In the Country (Steven Wilson Remix)
1.5 Wake Up Sunshine (Steven Wilson Remix)
1.6 Make Me Smile (Steven Wilson Remix)
1.7 So Much to Say, So Much to Give (Steven Wilson Remix)
1.8 Anxiety's Moment (Steven Wilson Remix)
1.9 West Virginia Fantasies (Steven Wilson Remix)
1.10 Colour My World (Steven Wilson Remix)
1.11 To Be Free (Steven Wilson Remix)
1.12 Now More Than Ever (Steven Wilson Remix)
1.13 Fancy Colours (Steven Wilson Remix)
1.14 25 or 6 to 4 (Steven Wilson Remix)
1.15 Prelude (Steven Wilson Remix)
1.16 A.M. Mourning (Steven Wilson Remix)
1.17 P.M. Mourning (Steven Wilson Remix)
1.18 Memories of Love (Steven Wilson Remix)
1.19 It Better End Soon (1st Movement) [Steven Wilson Remix]
1.20 It Better End Soon (2nd Movement) [Steven Wilson Remix]
1.21 It Better End Soon (3rd Movement) [Steven Wilson Remix]
1.22 It Better End Soon (4th Movement) [Steven Wilson Remix]
1.23 Where Do We Go from Here (Steven Wilson Remix)

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