Chicane: Far From The Maddening Crowd

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Chicane

Title: Far From The Maddening Crowd
Label: Modena

2007 digitally remastered reissue of the album debut by producer Nick Bracegirdle's nom de plume with an added bonus track, 'Offshore 2007'. The album first appeared in 1997 and is regarded by balaeric/trance music enthusiasts as an absolute classic. 'Lost You Somewhere' features cellist Caroline Lavelle on vocals, 'Sunstroke' features vocals by Luce Dayton and 'Offshore 97' features vocals by Louise Burton (as Power Circle). It's spotty availability over the years coupled with Chicane's ever growing popularity made the album somewhat of a collector's item, occasionally commanding over $100 on internet sites. Modena.

1.1 Early
1.2 Already There
1.3 Offshore - Original
1.4 Lost You Somewhere (FT. Caroline Lavelle)
1.5 From Blue to Green
1.6 Sunstroke (Disco Citizens Remix)
1.7 Leaving Town
1.8 Red Skies
1.9 Sunstroke (Original Ft. Luce Dayton)
1.10 Offshore '97 (FT Power Circle)
1.11 The Drive Home
1.12 Offshore 2007

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