Chinch 33: Yuma

Chinch 33: Yuma
Title: Yuma
Label: Hhv.De
Product Type: VINYL LP

With a growing reputation as a turntablist and esteemed scratch-hook artist, Chinch 33 presents his LP »Yuma« album on vinyl via hhv. De. In creating this album, Chinch gathered a circle of carefully selected producers (Dexter, Wun Two, Twit One, Dave Sparkz, MecsTreem, Al'Tarba, Torky Tork and others) and lyricists (SmooVth, John Robinson, Hus Kingpin, Dillon, Rozewood, Apani B, Shabaam Sahdeeq and others) to bring you his uncompromising and unique narrative vision. "Yuma" extends scratch related Hip-Hop with a more sophisticated school of thought and takes you on a progressive trip through everything Hip-Hop is, should and will be.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Seeds WT Praduct
1.3 At Night WT Smoovth
1.4 Excel ; Prevail WT Mars McKinns ; J.R
1.5 Sour Flowers WT Hus Kingpin
1.6 Night Time Valley WT Slim Pickens, Logic Marselis ; Tiff the Gift
1.7 Under Pressure WT King James
1.8 Fallin' WT Logic Marselis ; Stephen Hicks
1.9 Mayhem WT Rozewood
1.10 Murderous WT Nutso, Shabaam Saahdeeq ; Hus Kingpin
1.11 Steady Shooter WT Hus Kingpin ; Apani B
1.12 Andromeda WT John Robinson
1.13 Your 2.0 WT D Strong, Wildelux ; Mecca Starr
1.14 Art Brilliant WT Smoovth
1.15 Dipsomania WT Dillon
1.16 Elevating WT Venomous2000, Ryan-O'Neil ; Tribeca
1.17 Evil Be Gone WT King James ; Tiff the Gift
1.18 One Point WT Slim Pickens ; Wildelux

Chinch 33: Yuma

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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