Chip Taylor & the Grandkids: Golden Kids Rules

Chip Taylor: Golden Kids Rules
Title: Golden Kids Rules
Label: Smithsonian Folkways

When renowned musician & songwriter Chip Taylor ("Wild Thing") became a grandfather, he directed his creative energy to writing new songs with& for his grandkids. GOLDEN KIDS RULES melds the husky, time-worn vocals & the musical instincts of a seasoned performer with the charming artistry of his 3 young grandchildren. The album overflows with love of family & the musical bonds that hold them together. Taylor's brother, actor Jon Voight, offers an insightful introduction to the artist & the album.

1.1 Golden Kids Rules
1.2 I M Just Thinkin About What I M Thinkin About
1.3 Quarter Moon Shining
1.4 Big Ideas
1.5 Magical Horse
1.6 Daddy Is a Red Sox Fan/Mommy Is a Yankee Fan
1.7 Kids to Save the Planet
1.8 Did You Hear What Jennifer Did?
1.9 You Can Come ; Play with Our Toys
1.10 Introduction to Wedding Songs
1.11 The Possum Hunter
1.12 Happy Wedding
1.13 Now That Kristian and Anna Have Wed

Chip Taylor & the Grandkids: Golden Kids Rules

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