Chloe: Endless Revisions Live

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Chloe

Title: Endless Revisions Live
Label: Lumiere Noire
Product Type: VINYL LP

Musicians have a tendency not to stay in place. They have a need to stay in motion, to get lost (maybe in order to better find themselves), to step out of their comfort zone and produce their work into new forms, to turn a mirror to their output - and stare into it themselves. These are, among others, the reasons that motivated the first live recording made of tracks from Endless Revisions (2017), Chloé's first LP since 2010 - an album that saw the musician achieve a higher level in her creative prowess. A multi-faceted Pandora's box of mysterious drifts, the album is anchored by hits like "The Dawn" and "Recall". An artist who deliberately plays with labels, taking in contemporary and novel forms, boldly launching into experimentation (as demonstrated by her collaboration with percussionist Vassiléna Sérafimova), Chloé wanted to take the album's tracks and transform them in front of an audience by feeding them with new textures and inspirations. Performed over a year at events such as Nuits Sonores, Sónar, Mutek (in Montréal and Mexico), The Peacock Society, and festivals such as Marsatac, Musilac and, Colors of Ostrava, Endless Revisions' live performance has evolved with every show. It was out of the question to let these new versions - replayed, recreated, and restructured alongside the evolution of the performance's very architecture - fade away without a trace Chloé's prolific Lumière Noire label, in the wake of it's first anniversary, had to produce a recording that bears witness to the work that these ephemeral creations represents. Slowly introduced by "Dune", then propeled by the impulse of "Because It's There", the mix is articulated around the appropriately titled "Outerspace", followed by "Party Moonster" and the bewitching "The Dawn", heard here in "clubbier" versions and adapted to a context in which the audience (whose enjoyment of the performance was audibly captured in the recordings), must be kept in suspense, as if carried away in a narrative. The set leads up to "Moonscape", an exclusive track created during the performance series, before the performance ends with a new version of "Sometimes", Chloé's relentless 2002 instant classic. At nearly 50 minutes, this recording is like a snapshot of a work's vital momentum, remaining faithful to the spirit of Chloé's Endless Revisions while detaching itself in order to conquer new territories.

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