Chopin / Jablonski / Borucinska

Chopin / Jablonski / Borucinska: Polish Cello

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Title: Polish Cello
Label: Dux Recording Prod.

Roman Jablonski is considered one of the best cellists in the world. The born-in-Gdansk musician can boast a great artistic biography based on performances on the most prominent stages in the world, successes at competitions and festivals, a list of recordings including over 20 items, as well as the recognition of international critics and years-long didactic activity. The latest release by Professor Jablonski features a programme composed of masterpieces of the Polish cello music, from works by Fryderyk Chopin to contemporary pieces. Among them, a prominent place is occupied by Witold Lutoslawski's compositions, with whom Jablonski cooperated closely for many years.

1.1 I. Allegro Moderato - Roman Jablonski/Krystyna Borucinska
1.2 II. Scherzo - Roman Jablonski/Krystyna Borucinska
1.3 III. Largo - Roman Jablonski/Krystyna Borucinska
1.4 IV. Finale. Allegro - Roman Jablonski/Krystyna Borucinska
1.5 Grave. Metamorphoses for Cello and Piano - Roman Jablonski/Krystyna Borucinska
1.6 Sacher Variation for Cello Solo - Roman Jablonski
1.7 Moon Flowers for Cello and Piano - Roman Jablonski/Krystyna Borucinska
1.8 Moment Musical for Cello Solo - Roman Jablonski
1.9 Relief V for Cello Solo - Roman Jablonski
1.10 Caprice No. 1 - Roman Jablonski
1.11 Caprice No. 2 - Roman Jablonski
1.12 Caprice No. 3 - Roman Jablonski
1.13 Caprice No. 4 - Roman Jablonski
1.14 Caprice No. 5 - Roman Jablonski
1.15 Caprice No. 6 - Roman Jablonski
1.16 Nocturne in F-Sharp minor for Cello and Piano, Op. 30, No. 2 - Roman Jablonski/Krystyna Borucinska

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