Chopin / Luszczewski

Chopin / Luszczewski: Ballades

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Chopin / Luszczewski
Title: Ballades

One can appreciate the concert performances as the more lively, genuine and authentic than the recordings made in studio. This is due to the fact that the artist's performance of music with the participation of audience, on a concert stage, is accompanied by genuine emotions. Each concert is a rush of adrenaline, which translates into a spontaneous performance, fresh interpretation ideas, liveliness and at the same time authenticity of the artistic message. Nowadays, only a few living artists decide to record such a demanding repertoire in the concert version. This album of Rafal Luszczewski is another concert offer of this versatile artist. This time the pianist, somewhat analogously to his previous album, decided to bring you closer his public performance of the complete set of Fryderyk Chopin's Ballades, supplementing the album with other selected works by the Polish Romantic.

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