Chris Acker

Chris Acker: Odd Ordinary & Otherwise (Red Vinyl)

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Chris Acker

Title: Odd Ordinary & Otherwise (Red Vinyl)
Label: Gar Hole Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Odd, Ordinary & Otherwise,' the third full-length record from New Orleans country-folk songsmith Chris Acker, is a collection of songs brimming with true tales, eloquent songwriting, and fearless honesty. During his decade-long songwriting career, Chris has explored musical terrain tread by contemporary folk music's greatest champions: Prine, Dylan, Guthrie, etc. With 'Odd, Ordinary & Otherwise,' Acker has forged an unmistakable lyrical style that's truly his own, containing more reverence than reference to those who came before him. The songs of O-O-O are equally as influenced by months of isolation during COVID quarantine as they are by Chris' place in the New Orleans dancehall and busking communities in years previous. The album's thirteen tracks flow gracefully from introspective, quiet tunes worthy of the modern Folk Music cannon, to downright barn burners ready for the dancehall and all the space in between. Acker's creative response to the heartbreak and anxiety that defined the year 2020 is primarily one full of life. The vividly painted scenes and stories that define the record are his and no one else's. Paired with his signature pop sensibility, playful and sometimes humorous language, and a professional sonic presentation, 'Odd, Ordinary & Otherwise' is a compelling record that merits close investigation.

1.1 Panicked and Paralyzed
1.2 Walking
1.3 Mahogany
1.4 Styrofoam
1.5 The Pig War Reenactment
1.6 Bound
1.7 Refinery
1.8 Caviar
1.9 Nick and Joe
1.10 Complimentary Continental
1.11 Rabbit
1.12 She Lives
1.13 Title Track

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