Chris Experience White: Chris White Experience Vol 2

Chris Experience White: Chris White Experience Vol 2
Title: Chris White Experience Vol 2
Label: Ace Records Uk

In March of last year (2019) the Zombies were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in a British invasion alongside Radiohead and the Cure. On stage with Rod Argent, Hugh Grundy and Colin Blunstone was Chris White; the man who co-produced and wrote more than half of the seminal "Odessey & Oracle" album, who composed (the now standard) 'This Will Be Our Year' and who penned and co-produced the worldwide hit 'Hold Your Head Up' for Argent. His acceptance speech from the night, widely quoted in Rolling Stone, beautifully summarised the golden age of recording: "Music and songs are the bookmarks in all our lives, it's the language that binds us all together". The Chris White Experience is an incredible collection of unreleased recordings from the last 50 years. After the Zombies, Chris White co-produced albums for both Colin Blunstone (including 'Say You Don't Mind') and Argent (including 'God Gave Rock And Roll To You'). The popularity of his songwriting has been celebrated by diverse artists (Beck, Paul Weller, Tom Petty, the Foo Fighters) recorded in a number of languages, and reached number one worldwide (Japan, Europe, and America). Yet much of his work from 1976 onwards has remained elusive. This collection of demos, co-writes and unreleased gems is the second in a series detailing his work as a songwriter between 1968-2020. Most of these songs have never been heard and are genuinely unreleased until now, which is exciting considering the calibre of talent involved. With collaborations and contributions featuring Tim Renwick (Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Elton John) Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone (the Zombies) Kevin Finn and Eve Graham (New Seekers) Jim Rodford (the Kinks, Argent) Stuart Elliott (Cockney Rebel, Kate Bush) and many more. Following on from the acclaimed Volume One, it is a brilliant and vital document in the history of British music and analogue recording.

1.1 Good Good Morning (Feat. Kevin Finn)
1.2 Heard Your Song (Feat. John Verity)
1.3 Don’t Go Looking (Feat. Colin Blunstone)
1.4 How I Miss You (Feat. Bianca Kinane)
1.5 Teddlybears (Feat. Kevin Finn)
1.6 Hold My Hand (Lula Lula) (Feat. Chris White)
1.7 Make The Lady Smile (Feat. Tim Renwick)
1.8 Normal Heart (Feat. Colin Blunstone)
1.9 Eyes (Feat. Bianca Kinane)
1.10 Killing Rose (Feat. Jj White)
1.11 Is There Anyone Out There?
1.12 (Feat. Tim Renwick)
1.13 Got To Be Now (Feat. Kevin Finn)
1.14 Waiting For The Night To End (Feat. Steve Gould)

Chris Experience White: Chris White Experience Vol 2

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