Chris Gall: Myriad

Chris Gall: Myriad
Title: Myriad
Label: Fine Music

The duo as the smallest band possible and, at the same time, one of the most demanding. Their public dialogue lays bare the personalities and skills of the participants mercilessly and in all facets. Everything is heard, every mistake and every uncertainty can influence the project, take it in an unforeseen direction. At the same time, however, duo playing in jazz means challenge and adventure. To experiment, to create friction musically and individually, without losing the connection to one's partner, is the soul of jazz. In this dialogue, it is of the essence to find a common ground, to venture into the previously hidden and undiscovered and to integrate all of this into one's own musical approach. Such sensitivity (from a psychological point of view as well) is a high art. Chris Gall and Bernhard Schimpelsberger master this art brilliantly. On the 10 tracks of their album Myriad, the pianist and the percussionist search for a musical expression which allows these similarities and differences to create a unique relationship with each other. The starting point for this exciting journey is the musicians' diverse cultural approach. Chris Gall sees his roots more in European classical music and in the improvisational tendencies of the West, as mainly used in jazz. In recent years Bernhard Schimpelsberger has been intensively involved in Indian music and with the very complex, traditional rhythm structures of the Far East. As an impetus they use single, short ideas, from which the compositions then develop. For weeks, we sent sketches in note form or as small audio files back and forth between London and Munich, says Chris Gall. Before we started recording in the Bavarian Broadcasting Organisation's studio, we locked ourselves away for two weeks, tried everything out and put the pieces of the puzzle together. Most of the compositions resulted from this process and almost all were composed especially for our duo.

1.1 Myriad
1.2 Segeriyua
1.3 Pinhole Observer
1.4 Interlude I
1.5 Song of June
1.6 The Wheel
1.7 Interlude II
1.8 In a Landscape
1.9 Poem on a Typewriter
1.10 New Life

Chris Gall: Myriad

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