Chris Potter: There Is A Tide

Chris Potter: There Is A Tide
Title: There Is A Tide
Label: Edition Records

It's a year no one will forget, a year in which the global lockdown was shared by all, and yet experienced in a million different ways. For Chris Potter, a musician who has been on the road continuously since the 1990s, whose raison d'etre is playing live, lockdown presented both a challenge and an opportunity. It's a tribute to his creativity, personal integrity and huge musical talent that Chris was able to take on this challenge and make something unbelievably fresh from the opportunity.

1.1 I Had a Dream
1.2 Like a Memory
1.3 Mother of Waters
1.4 Rising Over You
1.5 Oh So Many Stars
1.6 Drop Your Anchor Down
1.7 Beneath the Waves
1.8 . Rest Your Head
1.9 As the Moon Ascends
1.10 New Life (In the Wake of Devastation)

Chris Potter: There Is A Tide

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