Christ on a Crutch

Christ on a Crutch: Crime Pays When Pigs Die

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Artist: Christ on a Crutch
Title: Crime Pays When Pigs Die

- A vintage live recording from highly acclaimed prog rock band Greenslade in one of their final performances, packaged in a sleek digipak with extensive liner notes! - Digitaly remastered to achieve a rich, clear sound, this concert album features highlights from the band's latter career including "Bedside Manners Are Extra," "Drum Folk" and more! - "I listened with pleasure to the recordings. I'd forgotten how inventive and tight the band sounded. This recording is a real gem." - Dave Greenslade

1.1 Intro
1.2 Paranoid World Vision
1.3 Dreams
1.4 North Richland
1.5 Shit Edge
1.6 Nation of Sheep
1.7 Fish People
1.8 Untitled 1
1.9 Christian S Crack Diary
1.10 Down
1.11 In on Your Joke
1.12 Sleep of Reason
1.13 Caveat Emptor
1.14 Folsom Prison Blues
1.15 Untitled 2

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