Christian Death

Christian Death: Only Theatre of Pain

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Artist: Christian Death

Artist: Christian Death
Title: Only Theatre of Pain
Product Type: CASSETTES

In 2013, as part of it's ongoing collaboration with Fullerton's BURGER RECORDS, Frontier treated fans of CHRISTIAN DEATH to this special throwback cassette edition of the immortal Only Theatre of Pain album. Four different cover variations were made, each in a limited edition of 250: gold, parchment, silver and white. Originally available only through Burger and Frontier mail order, a very small quantity has now been allotted for retail sale. Don't blink or they'll all be gone!

1.1 Cavity - First Communion
1.2 Figurative Theatre
1.3 Burnt Offerings
1.4 Mysterium Iniquitatis
1.5 Dream for Mother
1.6 Stairs - Uncertain Journey
1.7 Spiritual Cramp
1.8 Romeo's Distress
1.9 Resurrection - Sixth Communion
1.10 Prayer
1.11 Deathwish
1.12 Romeo's Distress
1.13 Dogs
1.14 Desperate Hell
1.15 Spiritual Cramp
1.16 Cavity

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