Christian Wallumrod: Pianokammer

Christian Wallumrod: Pianokammer
Title: Pianokammer
Label: Hubro
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited edition (only 500 copies pressed worldwide) 180g vinyl release, which includes the album on CD as well. Christian Wallumrød has for many years been regarded as one of the most prominent and original creators of music in Norway. It is not surprising that on his first solo album, 'Pianokammer', Wallumrød has come up with his own special twists and turns. Here he presents an inspired solo album that is as challenging as it is enjoyable.

1.1 Fahrkunst 7:32
1.2 Hoksang 4:40
1.3 Second Fahrkunst 5:28
1.4 Boyd 1970 6:04
1.5 School of Scofisk 4:44
1.6 Lassome 8:52
2.1 Fahrkunst 07:32
2.2 Hoksang 04:40
2.3 Second Fahrkunst 05:28
2.4 Boyd 1970 06:04
2.5 School of Ecofisk 04:44
2.6 Lassome 08:52

Christian Wallumrod: Pianokammer

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