Christina Carter: Original Darkness

Christina Carter: Original Darkness
Title: Original Darkness
Label: Kranky

In a world where most people shy away from the truth, from honesty in emotion, Christina Carter has the strength to address those feelings head on through her music. Within the songs of Original Darkness, she confronts loneliness, self doubt, inadequacy and desire. She bares these emotions in a sometimes tender, sometimes forceful, sometimes pleading voice, a voice in which you can hear her vulnerability, her trepidation. Christina's words, and the mournful sound of them, stirs a melancholy that is supported and framed by her gently plucked guitar notes, notes that echo the sadness in the world she sings of, as well as the words she sings. These 10 new songs are effective at painting pictures, exposing the underbelly of what we all really think but most will not say, of what we all really feel but push away. With the addition of gentle bells and occasional keyboards, Christina reminds US of what it means to be honestly human.

1.1 Original Darkness
1.2 Fountain of Youth
1.3 You Are So Far Away
1.4 Re-Found Mary
1.5 Hidden Man
1.6 Capable of Murder
1.7 Do Not Love a Woman
1.8 Suffering
1.9 In Prisoned Body
1.10 Do You Recognize My Voice?

Christina Carter: Original Darkness

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