Christmas Brass 2 / Various

Christmas Brass 2 / Various: Christmas Brass 2

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Product Type: CD

Title: Christmas Brass 2
Label: Mark Records

The Elves' have it! Merry Christmas "2" you, from Brass Arts Quintet, because Santa Claus is BAQ in Town! This is the second in the "Christmas Brass" series from the acclaimed Brass Arts Quintet. In volume one, there were "Suites and Treats" and now, there's MORE new great music, MORE new great charts and MORE "Joy to the World" created by this ensemble. All splendidly performed, recorded and presented in a fun manner. This WILL be your new Christmas favorite because these are not the same old boring charts, same old tired music and worn out oldies. Celebrate your Holiday this season with this fresh, new release, because Christmas is BAQ in town!

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