Christopher Denny: If the Roses Don't Kill Us

Christopher Denny: If the Roses Don&
Title: If the Roses Don't Kill Us
Label: Partisan Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Christopher Denny has a voice that will stop you in your tracks; a fervent Orbison- meets- Dylan tenor that fills his songs with a tremendous emotional pressure. It's the voice of a Southern choirboy who attended the church of alcohol, drugs & self-destruction in a failed attempt to deal with his inestimable inner pain and conflicts- his self-described "soft suicide". After a journey of massive personal decline, Denny has returned with his gift for infusing simple words with raw sentiment and marrying them to haunting melodies over a blend of pre-country Southern music, Folk, Rock, Gospel & singer/songwriter impulses, a style he calls Arkansas Soul. His barely restrained vocals have the ability to describe contradictory feelings with an intensity that gives every word he sings the ring of painful truth. His shimmering, one-of-a-kind voice reaches you on a deep emotional level, touching your heart and soul to deliver his hard won insights with an honesty that makes his singing and songwriting something unique & rare.

1.1 Happy Sad
1.2 God's Height
1.3 Our Kind of Love
1.4 Wings
1.5 Million Little Thoughts
1.6 Watch Me Shine
1.7 If the Roses Don't Kill Us
1.8 Love Is a Code Word
1.9 Man a Fool
1.10 Ride on
1.11 Radio
1.12 Some Things

Christopher Denny: If the Roses Don't Kill Us

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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