Chthonic: Mirror of Retribution

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Artist: Chthonic

Artist: Chthonic
Title: Mirror of Retribution

Taiwan is a country where history and folklore work very much hand in hand. Both of these elements are central to MIRROR OF RETRIBUTION, the latest studio album & Spinefarm Records debut from the country's premier metal outfit, Chthonic (pronounced Thonic). Chthonic (deriving from a Greek word signifying spirits of the underworld) along with producer/mixer Rob Caggiano (Anthrax guitarist) have delivered an album that touches on both the spirit and mortal worlds, with loss of national identity & The sometimes turbulent history of their homeland appearing as recurring themes. Never ones to shy away from a just cause, Chthonic in particular front man Freddy Lim have been consistently active on the political front at home, whilst away from their hometown of Taipei they have also appeared at the Wacken Festival in Germany & toured as part of Ozzfest in the US, becoming the first Asian extreme metal band to make such a mark.

1.1 Autoscopy
1.2 Blooming Blades
1.3 Hearts Condemned
1.4 Venom in My Veins
1.5 The Aroused
1.6 Sing-Ling Temple
1.7 1947
1.8 Forty-Nine Theurgy Chains
1.9 Rise of the Shadows
1.10 Bloody Waves of Sorrow
1.11 Spell of Setting Sun: Mirror of Retribution
1.12 Unlimited Taiwan

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