Chung King

Chung King: Defender

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Chung King

Title: Defender
Label: Black Volta
Product Type: VINYL LP

Chungking, the pop connoisseur's favourite, the record collector's hidden gem, return with their third album Defender on June 2015. The latest - and self-produced album - from the Brighton based trio captures their slick and sultry grooves, coupled with serious musicianship and above all, the voice and multi-layered harmonies of Jessie Banks. Smooth as silk and tough as steel, it's Jessie's vocal that has come to define Chungking's signature sound. Chungking's debut We Travel Fast - on Tim 'Love' Lee's label for party people Tummy Touch - set a career agenda with beautifully crafted, consistent and timeless songs that won the band plaudits across the board.

1.1 Odyssey Part 1
1.2 Can I Get Your Love
1.3 Beautiful Word
1.4 Next to You
1.5 Stand By Me
1.6 Lour Love Isn't Real
1.7 Gold
1.8 Real Man
1.9 Sapphire
1.10 Jonny
1.11 Colours Red
1.12 Heaven

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