Cinderella: Still Climbing

Cinderella: Still Climbing
Title: Still Climbing
Label: Music on CD

CD reissue. Cinderella outlived most of the other hairbands and stayed together until 1994 to complete their fourth and final album Still Climbing. Tom Keifer has a raspier voice than most of his counterparts and that sets the band apart from the crowd. It's simply great blues based rock! It has a different sound than a regular Cinderella record, it has a darker sound and the blues influence cannot be denied. Well written both lyrically and musically. Songs with meaning. From the swampy blues opening of 'Bad Attitude Shuffle' to the Kiss-like licks of 'Hot And Bothered' (from Wayne's World), Still Climbing is a blast.

1.1 Bad Attitude Shuffle
1.2 All Comes Down
1.3 Talk Is Cheap
1.4 Hard to Find the Words
1.5 Blood from a Stone
1.6 Still Climbing
1.7 Freewheelin
1.8 Through the Rain
1.9 Easy Come Easy Go
1.10 The Road's Still Long
1.11 Hot ; Bothered

Cinderella: Still Climbing

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