Circa Waves: Sad Happy

Circa Waves: Sad Happy
Title: Sad Happy
Label: Prolifica
Product Type: VINYL LP

Sad Happy is Circa Waves' exciting follow up to their UK Top 10 album What's It Like Over There?. Frontman and lyricist Kieran Shudall describes the idea behind the duality of the Sad Happy album idea: "We live in a world of two extreme halves. One minute a news story about catastrophe and the end of the world... in the same swipe up, a monkey riding a bike and another nonsensical funny video. It's this close proximity of immense sadness and unbridled joy I find so jarring, bizarre and fascinating. Our brains seesaw through emotions at such a rate that happiness and sadness no longer feel mutually exclusive. This maniacal 'Sad Happy' mind-maze forms the basis and underpinning to this album. Sad Happy was written in my Liverpool home. It's also hugely inspired by my surroundings and the love I have for the city. It runs through thoughts on mortality, love and observations of people."

1.1 Jacqueline
1.2 Be Your Drug
1.3 Move to San Francisco
1.4 Wasted on You
1.5 The Things We Knew Last Night
1.6 Call Your Name
1.7 Love You More
1.8 Sad Happy
1.9 Wake Up Call
1.10 Sympathy
1.11 Battered ; Bruised
1.12 Hope There's a Heaven
1.13 Train to Lime Street
1.14 Birthday Cake

Circa Waves: Sad Happy

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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