Circle II Circle

Circle II Circle: Full Circle: The Best of

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Product Type: CD

Title: Full Circle: The Best of
Label: Afm Records

Circle II Circle features the voice of Atlantic Records recording artists Savatage from 1992-2000, Zak Stevens. CIIC was formed in 2002 and has five world-wide releases to it's credit over the last eight years; "Watching in Silence" (2003), "Middle of Nowhere (2005), "Burden of Truth" (2006), "Delusions of Grandeur" (2008), "Consequence of Power" (2010), plus four additional EP releases. Every CIIC show delivers the high-powered thunder of southern-metal, hard rock genre fueled by Stevens over-the-top, powerful, ultra-melodic rock vocals.

1.1 All That Remains
1.2 Who Am I to Be
1.3 Consequence of Power
1.4 Watching in Silence
1.5 Dead of Dawn
1.6 Into the Wind
1.7 In This Life
1.8 Out of Nowhere
1.9 Revelations
1.10 Blood of An Angel
1.11 Heal You
1.12 Open Season
1.13 Echoes
1.14 Out of Reach
1.15 Forgiven
1.16 Redemption
2.1 Every Last Thing [Edit] [Edit]
2.2 The Circle
2.3 Sentenced
2.4 Take Back Yesterday
2.5 The Middle of Nowhere
2.6 Soul Breaker
2.7 Darkness Rising
2.8 Into the Wind [Acoustic] [Version]
2.9 Shadows
2.10 Symptoms of Fate
2.11 Stay
2.12 Watching in Silence [Live]
2.13 Burden of Truth [Acoustically Enhanced] [Version]
2.14 Against the World
2.15 Evermore [Live]
2.16 Strung Out

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