Clarence Clarity

Clarence Clarity: Who Am Eye

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Artist: Clarence Clarity
Title: Who Am Eye
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl, 12", EP, UK Import. Clarity is coming. Once rumoured to be a guise of the elusive Jai Paul, producer Clarence Clarity re-emerges from the shadows with 'Who Am Eye' EP, a full year after he announced that he'd finished recording it. Patience is a virtue, though, and lead track 'Those Who Can't, Cheat' is a marvel - a skewed pop oddity full of Prince-style hooks and the occasional Bhangra breakdown. Up until now Clarence Clarity was an anonymous artist from London who sounds like Michael Jackson in a psychotic state. This is the way that Jackson's zombie character in 'Thriller' would have sounded like if he had his own career.

1.1 Cheat Those Who Can't
1.2 Golden Gate
2.1 Off My Grid
2.2 Exaltations

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