Cleaners From Venus

Cleaners From Venus: Blow Away Your Troubles

$18.02 $21.98

Artist: Cleaners From Venus
Title: Blow Away Your Troubles
Product Type: VINYL LP

RSD. The Cleaners from Venus became on of the most influential bands of the early 80s. Blow Away Your Troubles was originally released in 1981 and only offered on cassette until now. Completely remastered and on vinyl for the first time. This release offers a new way to listen to this important band like never before.

1.1 Swinging London
1.2 A Blue Wave
1.3 3 Union Lads
1.4 Helpless
1.5 Winter in the Country
1.6 Modern TV
1.7 Kool of the Night
1.8 The Trevor Rutter Experience
1.9 Marathon
1.10 A Personal Issue
1.11 Marathon (2)
1.12 Urban Jungle
1.13 A Minimal Animal
1.14 I Fell in Love with a Cleaner
1.15 So This Is Modern Jazz Is It?
1.16 Marilyn on a Train (1981 Version)
1.17 A Weekend in Subordia
1.18 Wivenhoe Bells
1.19 University Challenge
1.20 Alien
1.21 At Home with Myself
1.22 The Artichoke That Loved Me

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