Cleaners From Venus

Cleaners From Venus: The Cleaners From Venus, Vol. 2

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Title: The Cleaners From Venus, Vol. 2
Label: Captured Tracks Rec.

2013 four CD set from the legendary British lo-fi Pop band led by Martin Newell: The man, the myth, the rock singer and part-time kitchen porter with a love of sunny 1960s pop music, punk rock and musical comedy. Newell never cared much for any kind of musical rule book and broke new ground with music that garnered a cult following that continues to inspire. These four albums span the next chapter in the unveiling of the entire discography from the band (1981-85): In the Golden Autumn, Songs for a Fallow Land, Under Wartime Conditions and collection of previously unreleased recordings entitled a Dawn Chorus: Early Cleaners And Beyond. This is a beautiful foldout wallet with booklet including album bios written by Newell himself and never-before-released photos.

1.1 Ren E (Who's Driving Your Car?)
1.2 A Holloway Person
1.3 Ghosts in Doorways
1.4 The Autumn Cornfield
1.5 Please Don't Step on My Rainbow
1.6 Balloon Drop Shadow
1.7 Krugerrand Gladiators
1.8 Golden Age Saturday
1.9 Marilyn on a Train
1.10 Sandstorm Inparadise
1.11 Victorian Society
1.12 A Fool Like You
2.1 Summer in a Small Town
2.2 Johnny the Moondog Is Dead
2.3 Hand of Stone
2.4 Drowning Butterflies
2.5 Radio Seven
2.6 Fracas on West Street
2.7 Lukewarm Lovesong
2.8 A Blue Wave
2.9 A Song for Syd Barrett
2.10 The Winter Palace
3.1 Sun Comes to the Wood
3.2 Julie Profumo
3.3 Soul Monday
3.4 Gamma Ray Blue
3.5 Heroin Clones
3.6 Winter Palace 2
3.7 Golden Lane
3.8 Stars Are Cold
3.9 Late Night
3.10 Beyond
4.1 Roots and Beginnings
4.2 Russian Picture
4.3 Bon Temps Roulez
4.4 Mrs. Killer
4.5 Slyvie in Toytown
4.6 Young Jobless
4.7 The Secret Dreams of a Kitchen Porter
4.8 It's Been So Long
4.9 Something in My Eye
4.10 When Fire Burns Dreams
4.11 Amateur Paranoiac
4.12 Drowning Butterflies [Big Expensive Version] [Version]
4.13 Beyond the Blue Horizon

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