Cliff Gallup & Friends

Cliff Gallup & Friends: Great Rock'n'roll Stringbenders

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Title: Great Rock'n'roll Stringbenders
Label: Righteous

31 tracks featuring the great rock 'n' roll guitar innovators, the people who crafted modern rock music with Gene Vincent's Cliff Gallup plus 11 more. Featuring Gallup's 20 best Blue Caps' tracks and most distinctive riffs and solos. Plus 11 other key songs that fashioned rock 'n roll guitar playing with contributions from Scotty Moore, Luther Perkins, Grady Martin, James Burton, Roland Janes, Johnny Carroll and Sonny Fisher among many others. Remastered from the original sound sources with notes by MOJO's Dave Henderson.

1.1 Race With The Devil
1.2 Be - Bop
1.3 Woman Love
1.4 Gonna Back Up Baby
1.5 Who Slapped John
1.6 Jumps, Giggles And Shouts
1.7 Bluejean Bop
1.8 I Flipped
1.9 Well, I Knocked Bim Bam
1.10 Jump Back, Honey, Jump Back
1.11 Teenage Partner
1.12 Cat Man
1.13 Double Talkin' Baby
1.14 Hold Me, Hug Me, Rock Me
1.15 B - I
1.16 Pink Thunderbird
1.17 Pretty, Pretty Baby
1.18 Cruisin'
1.19 You Better Believe
1.20 Red Bluejeans And A Pony Tail
1.21 Rockin' Daddy - Eddie Bond
1.22 Suzie Q - Dale Hawkins (Ft James Burton)
1.23 Trying To Get To You - Johnny Carrol And His Hot Rocks
1.24 Pink And Black
1.25 Bop Bop Baby - Wade And Dick (Ft Dan Gililland)
1.26 Guitarville - Roland Janes
1.27 Have Guitar Will Travel - The Scotty Moore Trio
1.28 Blues For Two - Luther Perkins
1.29 School Of Rock'n'roll - Gene Summers
1.30 The Train Kept - A
1.31 I'm Coming Home - Johnny Horton (Ft Grady Martin)

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