Clifton Chenier

Clifton Chenier: Frenchin the Boogie

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Artist: Clifton Chenier

Artist: Clifton Chenier
Title: Frenchin the Boogie

Cyril Brilliant, the international export man at Disques Barclay in Paris, was very interested in having a new album featuring the King of Zydeco for label, so in February 1976, shortly after Clifton had done BOGALUSA BOOGIE FOR ARHOOLIE, he took him back to the Studio in the Country to record the FRENCHIN' THE BOOGIE album.

1.1 Caldonia
1.2 Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler (Let the Good Times Roll)
1.3 Tu Peux Cogner (Mais Tu Peux Pas Rentrer) (Keep-A-Knockin' But You Can't Come in)
1.4 Le Blues de la Vache a Lait (Milk Cow Blues)
1.5 Moi, J'ai Une P'tite Femme (I Got a Woman, I Got a Sweetie)
1.6 Tous Les Jours Mon Coeur Est Blue (Every Day I Have the Blues)
1.7 J'veux Faire L'amour a Toi (I Just Want to Make Love to You)
1.8 Choo Choo CH' Boogie
1.9 La Valse de Paris
1.10 Shake, Rattle and Roll
1.11 Going Down Slow (In Paris)
1.12 Aye, Aye Mama
1.13 Don't You Lie to Me
1.14 I Want to Be Your Driver

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