Clint Stewart

Clint Stewart: Hub Two

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Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE
Artist: Clint Stewart

Artist: Clint Stewart
Title: Hub Two
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Clint Stewart takes the helm on four collaborative tracks with The Reason Y, Michael Klein, Stephan Hinz and Pan-Pot. Hub Two starts with Clint and Pan-Pot on "Zau!" featuring Peter Xoben and Luio Onassis. Clint and Stephan Hinz follow with "Fall To Earth". Spanning spaces somewhere between euphoric and driving, the guys deliver a "nail biter". Clint teams up with Michael Klein to drop the most psychedelic tune of the release, "Artifacts". Wrapping up is "Aubade Flares", Clint's pairing with The Reason Y. Persistent grooves lay the foundation as abrasive yet opulent tones partner with rich low end.

1.1 Clint Stewart ; Pan-Pot - Zau! (Feat. Peter Xoben)
1.2 Clint Stewart ; Stephan Hinz - Fall to Earth
2.1 Clint Stewart ; Michael Klein - Artifacts
2.2 Clint Stewart ; the Reason y - Aubade Flares

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