Clitgore: Final Cuntdown

Clitgore: Final Cuntdown
Title: Final Cuntdown
Label: Gore House Prod

Since 2007, Clitgore has release countless EP, splits, and have also been included in tribute and compilation albums world wide. This Romanian powerhouse creates their own extreme blend of sickness using elements of gore/grind and brutal death metal. Clitgore have shared stage with the likes of MASTER, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, SQUASH BOWELS and have participated in countless festivals throughout Europe.

1.1 Cum As You Are
1.2 Anal Party
1.3 The Lust Supper
1.4 Gore Gang Bang
1.5 Pu-Pu-Pu, La-La-La
1.6 Everybody Loves Clit
1.7 The Butcher's Store
1.8 Your Smile Looks Better on My Cock
1.9 Love, Suck, Cadaver Cock
1.10 Zombie Disco
1.11 The Final Cuntdown
1.12 Tales from the Clit
1.13 What Cums Around, Goes Around
1.14 Juicy Pussy
1.15 Pussy Lover (Lividity Cover)

Clitgore: Final Cuntdown

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