Close Quarters

Close Quarters: Always A Lot Never Little

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Artist: Close Quarters

Artist: Close Quarters
Title: Always A Lot Never Little
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2018 release. Close Quarters hail from the tiny Swedish town of Vadstena - so far only known for it's monastery and Bridget of Sweden, one of Europe's patron saints. She'd spin in her grave if she knew these five lads were representing the town these days. With the band's second album, Always Alot, Never Little, it's just a matter of time before Close Quarters is the most famous thing to come out of Vadstena. Always Alot, Never Little was recorded at Rokkfoxx studios in Malmö in the south of Sweden, April-May 2015. The album was mixed by Petri Majuri, hand-picked by the band on the strength of his previous work such as the award winning Sensory Overdrive by Michael Monroe. Close Quarters was formed in the late 00's, while the band members were still teenagers, and quickly developed their craft while touring. They've so far done over 200 shows and opened for some of Sweden's biggest rock bands such as Europe, Backyard Babies, Takida, Mustasch, H.E.A.T and Electric Boys.

1.1 The Boys Are Back
1.2 Always a Lot, Never Little
1.3 My Way or the Highway
1.4 Adrenaline Addicted
1.5 Friday Feeling
1.6 Broken Wings
1.7 I Don't Give a Shit
1.8 Crazy World
1.9 Lovin' on Borrowed Time
1.10 Walk the Plank
1.11 For the First and Last Time

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