Cochemea: All My Relations

Cochemea: All My Relations
Title: All My Relations
Label: Daptone

Daptone Records is overjoyed to present All My Relations - the debut solo album from long-time Dap-Kings saxophonist, Cochemea Gastelum. Cochemea's electro-sax leads an ensemble of percussive giants (members of Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, Antibalas) on a psychedelic, spiritual journey, exploring his ancestral roots through melody and rhythm. As a body of work, it is an acknowledgement of oneness and harmony with all forms of life: people, animals, insects, plants, trees, and even rocks, rivers, mountains and valleys. It celebrates the sublime beauty of existence and beginnings of such - It is a celebration of life. The musicians on the record also bring a piece of themselves and their heritage, creating a cultural cornucopia of sonic expression that allows Cochemea's vision and spirituality to flourish. All My Relations, in a sense, is a musical prayer to the world to help recognize our one true source, our shared identity. We are one. Cochemea All My Relations Label: Daptone Records

1.1 Maso Ye'eme
1.2 All My Relations
1.3 Mitote
1.4 Al-Mu'tasim
1.5 Seyewailo
1.6 Asatoma
1.7 Sonora
1.8 Los Muertos
1.9 Mescalero
1.10 Song of Happiness

Cochemea: All My Relations

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