Cocorosie: The Adventures Of Ghosthorse and Stillborn

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Artist: Cocorosie

Artist: Cocorosie
Title: The Adventures Of Ghosthorse and Stillborn
Product Type: VINYL LP

Their third release represents another stride onward from previous works, where the girls continue to experiment with their disparate voices and clashing personalities, juxtaposing devastating ballads like "Werewolf" with exhilarating tracks like "Japan" and the jaunty single "Rainbowarriors". It's a lush, orchestral array of sounds and beauty; a vaudevillian opera, if you will.

1.1 Rainbowarriors
1.2 Promise
1.3 Bloody Twins
1.4 Japan
1.5 Sunshine
1.6 Black Poppies
1.7 Werewolf
1.8 Animals
1.9 Houses
1.10 Raphael
1.11 Girl and the Geese
1.12 Miracle

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