Cody Chesnutt: Landing on a Hundred

Cody Chesnutt: Landing on a Hundred
Title: Landing on a Hundred
Label: One Little Indian

Universally acclaimed for his edgy, lo-fi, Shortlist Prize nominated 2002 debut, the Headphone Masterpiece, Cody ChesnuTT is a soul troubadour whose frank, socially conscious songs continue to set the bar for what modern soul music can look and sound like. Following a period of family-man retreat and reflection after his meteoric rise to near fame, via the Roots retooled the Seed 2.0, Cody marks his return on October 29th with a brand new album, Landing on a Hundred, it's lead single That's Still Mama making it's UK radio premiere on Craig Charles' Funk and Soul show on Saturday night (August 4th). a full-blown tower of soul and driving brass stabs in the Mayfield/ Gaye tradition, That's Still Mama reflects on a misspent youth - one of several poignant narratives that feature on Landing on a Hundred as it sketches out a man's road to redemption after years of womanizing and crack addiction, and the power and labour of slow-burning marital love that eclipses mere material expressions of affection. The title is a reference to the slang saying, "Keeping It One Hundred," or telling the whole truth, and for lovers of true blue Southern soul this new album is a must-have - he recorded it with a ten-piece band in Memphis-based Royal Studios, the sonic birthplace of some of the deepest works by soul and blues luminaries like Al Green, Buddy Guy and Ike & Tina Turner. "The original tracks were cut on two-inch tape," Cody explains. "My hands were tingling because I got to sing on the actual microphone that Al Green recorded with. Nothing has changed. The down-home acoustic treatments are still in place."

1.1 'Till I Met Thee
1.2 I've Been Life
1.3 That's Still Mama
1.4 What Kind of Kool (Will We Think of Next)
1.5 Don't Follow Me
1.6 Everybody's Brother
1.7 Love Is More Than a Wedding Day
1.8 Under the Spell of the Handout
1.9 Don't Go the Other Way
1.10 Chip's Down (In No Landfill)
1.11 Where Is All the Money Going?
1.12 Scroll Call

Cody Chesnutt: Landing on a Hundred

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