Coimbra University Chorus

Coimbra University Chorus: Coimbra Orfeon of Portugal

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Product Type: CD

Title: Coimbra Orfeon of Portugal
Label: Monitor Records

1.1 Serenata Acoriana (Serenade of the Azores)
1.2 In Parasceve (At Easter)
1.3 There Is a Fragrance of Incense on Your Fingers (Vashy Paltsy Pakhnut Ladanom)
1.4 Encounters Come Only One in a Lifetime (Tolko Raz Byvayut V Zhizni Vstrechi)
1.5 Fado Da Mentira (Fado of Disillusion)
1.6 In the Steppes of Moldavia (V Styepi Moldavanskoi)
1.7 Above the Pink Sea (Nad Rozovym Moryem)
1.8 E Tae Lingo O Teu Olhar (Ah, How Lively Are Your Eyes)
1.9 O Voso Galo, Comadre (Oh, Your Child Grandmother)
1.10 Ballada Alexo (Song of Alex)
1.11 Darling Little Wife (Zhenulyechka Zhena)
1.12 Ballada de Saudade (Ballad of Longing)
1.13 A Olivera Da Serra (Olive Trees of the Mountains)
1.14 F.R.A

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