Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids: This Will All Blow Over In Time

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Artist: Cold War Kids

Artist: Cold War Kids
Title: This Will All Blow Over In Time
Product Type: VINYL LP

Cold War Kids' first ever compilation album covering the band's first 10 years with Downtown Records. The 23 track 2CD album includes the band's radio singles as well as deep cuts and rarities never before released, such as the track 'Expensive Tastes'.

1.1 Hang Me Up to Dry
1.2 We Used to Vacation
1.3 Hospital Beds
1.4 I've Seen Enough
1.5 Something Is Not Right with Me
1.6 Louder Than Ever
1.7 Royal Blue
1.8 Audience of One
1.9 Miracle Mile
1.10 Lost That Easy
1.11 All This Could Be Yours
1.12 First
2.1 Vacation in Chicago
2.2 First
2.3 Opium Tea
2.4 Goodnight Tennessee
2.5 Coffee Spoon
2.6 Minimum Mistake
2.7 In Harmony in Silver
2.8 Quiet, Please!
2.9 Expensive Tastes
2.10 Romance Languages #1
2.11 Fashionable

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