Coldwater Stone

Coldwater Stone: Defrost Me

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Coldwater Stone

Title: Defrost Me
Label: Essential Media Mod

This was songwriter/producer Freddy Briggs' return to singing (hiding behind the Coldwater Stone) name. Backing vocals from his "other half" Kim Tolliver, a stellar vocalist in her own right on the track "Outside Love Affair".

1.1 Jefferson Park
1.2 Your Lover, Me, Your Friend
1.3 When He Breaks Your Heart
1.4 You're the One
1.5 Outside Love Affair
1.6 End of the World
1.7 Shape You're About to Leave in
1.8 Biggest Mistake in the World
1.9 Without the One You Love
1.10 Diddy Wah Diddy

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