Colleen Green

Colleen Green: Sock It to Me

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Colleen Green

Title: Sock It to Me
Label: Hardly Art
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Colleen Green is a powerful DIY force of one. She looms large, not only in the basement scene of the USA, but across the large stages of North America. People left and right fall for her style and brand of popular music and why wouldn't they? Everything is in this pot! You get some Stacey Q, Tom Tom Club, Nu Shooz and mix it up nicely with the Descendents, the Ramones, and the Fastbacks, then, light it up with a fire made from the bones of Sebadoh the smoke that comes from all of this, that's Sock it to Me, Colleen Green's first full length for Hardly Art. Sweet and custom made, just for you.

1.1 Only One
1.2 Time in the World
1.3 You're So Cool
1.4 Close to You
1.5 Sock It to Me
1.6 Darkest Eyes
1.7 Heavy Shit
1.8 Every Boy Wants a Normal Girl
1.9 Taxi Driver
1.10 Number One

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