Colosseum: Bread & Circuses

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Colosseum

Title: Bread & Circuses
Label: Talking Elephant

Colosseum regrouped for their 1994 Reunion concerts and as a result they stayed in touch and throughout 1996 they rehearsed and started writing again and even recorded some demos. 1997 and eleven titles later that had survived the studio were put together for the Bread & Circuses album, their first studio album since 1971.

1.1 Watching Your Every Move
1.2 Bread ; Circuses
1.3 Wherever I Go
1.4 High Time
1.5 Big Deal
1.6 the Playground
1.7 No Pleasin'
1.8 I Could Tell You Tales
1.9 Storms Behind the Breeze
1.10 the One That Got Away (Instrumental)
1.11 the Other Side of the Sky

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