Comedy Troupe of Miami

Comedy Troupe of Miami: Heard a Good Joke Lately

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Title: Heard a Good Joke Lately
Label: Essential Media Mod

A collection of routines from some of the funniest comedians to populate the nightclubs of Miami. Digitally remastered.

1.1 Intro
1.2 This Rich Guy
1.3 Glick the Mortition
1.4 A Man Goes Into a Bank
1.5 This Guy Goes to the Doctor with His Wife
1.6 Lady Goes to the Doctors Office
1.7 Everytime I Sneeze I Have An Orgasm
1.8 Herpes
1.9 My Sex Life Is Aweful
1.10 Fred Calls His Doctor for His Test Results
1.11 73 Year Old Sal
1.12 This Old Guy Is About to Turn 90 Years Old
1.13 Woman Goes to the Market
1.14 Two Old Jewish Guy's Are Playing Golf
1.15 2000 Dollars to Convert to Christianity
1.16 Armless, Feminist
1.17 I'll Tell You a Good Jewish Joke
1.18 How Do You Get a Nun Pregnant
1.19 This Guy Walking Down the Street in Belfast
1.20 There's An Irish Guy
1.21 Camel
1.22 A Great Religous Joke
1.23 Guy Joins a Monistary
1.24 Cab Driver Picks Up a Nun
1.25 Old Lady Wakes Up One Morning to Find Out the River Is
1.26 An Arab Is in the Desert with His Camel
1.27 This Man and Woman Stranded on a Deserted Island
1.28 A Guy Is Stranded on a Deserted Island for Years
1.29 This Piano Player
1.30 I'll Tell Ya a Couple of Quickies
1.31 Young Polish Soldier
1.32 Two Polish Guys Driving a Truck
1.33 Alright I Got a Parachute Joke
1.34 This Polish Guy Wants to Put Up Wallpaper
1.35 The Mafia Owns An Accounting Firm
1.36 This Older Man Comes Home
1.37 Alec Has 12 Hours to Live
1.38 Young Couple Gets Married Right
1.39 This Guy Goes Out to Buy a Pig
1.40 A Guy on a Park Bench Crying
1.41 A Guy Driving a Convertable with Six Penguins in the Back
1.42 It's the End of the American and Indian War
1.43 This Indian Brave Wants to Be a Chief
1.44 The Pig with the Wooden Leg
1.45 This Fat Lady Sitting at a Bar
1.46 Job
1.47 A Guy Buys a Parrot
1.48 A Cop Is Walking in Front of a Pet Store
1.49 This Lady Walks Into a Bar with a Parrot on Her Shoulder
1.50 Guy Sits Next to a Frog at the Bar
1.51 Frog
1.52 Cornflakes
1.53 Man Needs a Bank Acount
1.54 Superman Is Flying Over Metropolis
1.55 This Man Goes Up to a Pit Boss in Vegas and Says
1.56 Guy Goes Into Bar with An Octopus
1.57 Twelve Year Old Wiskey
1.58 Guy Walks Into An Upscale Bar
1.59 Job
1.60 Shorty
1.61 Just Won the Lotto
1.62 Guy Comes Home to His Wife
1.63 Actor Walks Into His Agent's Office
1.64 A Girl Goes on Vacation
1.65 Who Took the Twenty
1.66 Hammer
1.67 La la la la la

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