Conan Family: Songs and Dances of Brittany

Conan Family: Songs and Dances of Brittany
Title: Songs and Dances of Brittany
Label: Folkways Records

Little trace is left of the ancient Druids who lived in this region of France. But Brittany's spirit lives on in it's own language, distinctive religious observances, and especially it's music. The Conan Family heard on this album represent this Breton spirit. They come from Perros Guirrec in western Brittany, a small community known for it's Celtic heritage and Breton culture. Jacques Conan, the patriarch of the Conan family, was a leading figure in the preservation and transmission of Breton folklore. This 18-track CD introduces listeners to the beautiful and dynamic music of Brittany with the sounds of it's unique bagpipes and medieval shawms (predecessors of the modern oboe).

1.1 Shepherd's Song - Kanaouenn Ar Maesaer
1.2 Dances: Two-Step, Marguerite, Near the Woods
1.3 Mountain Dance
1.4 Dances: Koroll Plaen - Simple Dance, Koroll Ar Bizhier - Stick Dance, Jabadao - Eight Figure Dance
1.5 Francois Is at the Mill - Ma? Fransez Er Vilin-Avel
1.6 Song of the Reapers - Son Ar Falc'herien
1.7 Three Dances: Ton Ar C'hezeg - March of the Horses, Koroll Fisel, Bal Ar Menez
1.8 The Banners of Lampaul - Bannielou Lambaol
1.9 March and Two Dances: Ton Bale Pondivi - Pontivy March, Laride - Round Dance, Koroll Fanch - Passepied
1.10 Three Dances: Piler Lann - Frontal Dance, Gavotenno? - Gavotte, Tonio? Koroll - Dance-Song Gavotte
1.11 The Young Sailor's Song - Son Ar Martolod Yaouank
1.12 The Lost Bride
1.13 Little Rooster, the - Ar C'hogig
1.14 Drinker's Wife, the - Gwreg Al Lonker
1.15 I'll Build a House - Me'savo Va Zi
1.16 Louisette and Pierrot - Loeisaig Ha Perig
1.17 The Pork Sausage - An, Anduilhenn
1.18 Plucking of the Wren, the - Displua? Al Laouenig

Conan Family: Songs and Dances of Brittany

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