Conga Square

Conga Square: Secada Mondatta

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Artist: Conga Square

Artist: Conga Square
Title: Secada Mondatta
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Twelve inch vinyl pressing. Next up on Palto Flats, the first release on the PFF series, focusing on more limited contemporary electronic releases, here in the guise of Conga Square. Featuring Jimy Seitang, Brian Close (Georgia), Andrew Felix, and Ross Menuez. Psychedelic synth dub with balearic textures, crossing over into Basic Channel territory in parts. Lead 9+ min track 'Fifth Season' grooves and shuffles as if Brian Briggs' AEO were produced by Conny Plank or Burnt Friedmann. More sides to the story on side 2; 'Raiders' imagines Miles Davis spacious jazz fusion into synth territories with rumbling bass drops, electronically treated flute and shards of grand piano. Closing the set is 'Secada Mondatta,' more on the minimal dub techno Basic Channel (as a band) tip, all rubbery/dubby bassline & propulsive rhythmic patterns. A truly collaborative work, Conga Square was recorded and mixed by Davey Jewell in NYC and LA, and mastered/cut by Helmut Erler at Dubplates and Mastering. Artwork and design by Brian Close.

1.1 A1. Fifth Season
1.2 B1. Raiders
1.3 B2. Secada Mondatta

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