Conor Oberst

Conor Oberst: Outer South

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Artist: Conor Oberst

Artist: Conor Oberst
Title: Outer South

While touring in support of last year's debut Conor Oberst, Conor and the Mystic Valley Band began writing new songs. The result is the first album credited to this group. Oberst's songwriting and delivery remain an engaging presence, but the addition of songs by Taylor Hollingsworth, Nik Freitas, and Jason Boesel make for a multi-textured and colorful collaboration. The Mystic Valley band also includes Macey Taylor and Nathaniel Walcott.

1.1 Slowly (Oh So Slowly)
1.2 To All the Lights in the Windows
1.3 Big Black Nothing
1.4 Air Mattress
1.5 Cabbage Town
1.6 Ten Women
1.7 Difference Is Time
1.8 Nikorette
1.9 White Shoes
1.10 Bloodline
1.11 Spoiled
1.12 Worldwide
1.13 Roosevelt Room
1.14 Eagle on a Pole
1.15 I Got the Reason #2
1.16 Snake Hill

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