Converge: The Dusk In Us

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Artist: Converge

Artist: Converge
Title: The Dusk In Us

In recording The Dusk In Us, Converge once again worked in Ballou's renowned Godcity Studios in Salem, Massachusetts. Produced by the band and mixed by Ballou, the album matches it's raw energy with a subculture-crossing inventiveness that's earned Converge longtime reverence within the punk, metal, and hardcore scenes. While The Dusk In Us finds Converge defying boundaries and pushing into new sonic terrain, it's also a natural progression for a band that's long thrived on making music that both challenges and connects. "Our only goal is to create something that moves us and resonates with us emotionally," says Bannon. Jacob Bannon: Vocals and visuals Kurt Ballou: Guitar, bass, and backing vocals Nate Newton: Bass, backing vocals, and guitar Ben Koller: Drums and percussion

1.1 A Single Tear
1.2 Eye of the Quarrel
1.3 Under Duress
1.4 Arkhipov Calm
1.5 I Can Tell You About Pain
1.6 The Dusk in Us
1.7 Wildlife
1.8 Murk ; Marrow
1.9 Trigger
1.10 Broken By Light
1.11 Cannibals
1.12 Thousands of Miles Between Us
1.13 Reptilian

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